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  • Ellen Chisa

    Ellen Chisa

    Founder in residence @boldstartvc, before that started https://darklang.com

  • Tanusree McCabe

    Tanusree McCabe

    Architect at Capital One, focused on Monitoring, Resiliency, Cloud, Containers, Serverless and DevOps

  • Syrus Akbary

    Syrus Akbary

    Entrepreneur. Developer. Mathematician

  • Paul Biggar

    Paul Biggar

    Tech entrepreneur, software engineer. Founder of Dark: https://darklang.com. Founder of CircleCI. Lover of chocolate and pastries.

  • Brandon Fish

    Brandon Fish

    Developer, WebAssembly

  • Federico Carrone

    Federico Carrone

    A happy member of The Erlang, Rust/ML and Lisp Evangelism Strikeforce. Network Protocol’s RFC fanatic. Big Data and Machine Learning

  • Critical Stack

    Critical Stack

    Containers for the Enterprise

  • Jimmy Ray

    Jimmy Ray

    Cloud and Containerization SME

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